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Welcome to Air Asia Travel




Air Asia Travel (AAT), founded in 1998, has a wide knowledge about travelling. Thousands of pleased customers had travelled across the world with our assistance.


Best airfares

At Air Asia Travel (AAT) you'll find the best airfares available. No matter if your travel starts in Scandinavia or elsewhere in the world.


Parcels Service

Door to door Parcel Service. Secure, effective and cheap.


Money transfer

RIA MONEY TRANSFER, Easy, Fast, Secure. Economic Cash pickup. Credit to account or Door to door delivery.



Useful information about policies and traveltips. Read about Air Asia Travel.


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Combinable destinations
Enjoy two or more destinations on the same journey.
For example it's possible to take a break in Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong on the travel between Scandinavia and the Philippines.


Other examples are Thailand+South East Asia or East Asia


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